Apply GTA 5 PC Cheats Codes To Pass Missions

Use GTA 5 PC Cheats Codes To Get Success

GTA 5 game is famous in different parts of the world. Not just the youngsters like to play this game, but also the adults and senior citizens. Passing the missions of GTA 5 is not an easy task. However, the use of GTA 5 PC cheats codes can help a lot in this regard. These cheat codes are really helpful for the players as they help escape or fight the enemy. Here in this blog post, we have gathered a complete list of GTA 5 PC cheats codes. Players can easily pass difficult missions with the help of these cheat codes. Besides, you can also have access to GTA 5 Cheats PS4 Money.

GTA 5 PC Cheats Codes

How to Enter GTA 5 PC Cheats Codes

Entering the GTA 5 PC cheats codes is quite different than other gaming devices. For entering GTA 5 PC cheats codes, you have to push~ button on the keyboard while playing your game. Then, type your desired cheat code and push the enter button.

List of GTA 5 PC Cheats Codes

We keep on updating the GTA 5 PC cheats codes, so it is advisable to keep visiting our website to get the newest cheats codes.

  • Change in Weather

Use MAKEITRAIN code for change in weather cheat.

  • Invincibility

Use PAINKILLER code for invincibility cheat.

  • Director Mode

For director mode cheat, use JRTALENT code.

  • Maximum Armor and Health

For using the max armor and health cheat, users can use the TURTLE code.

  • Drunk Mode

Use LIQUOR code for drunk mode cheat.

  • SkyFall

For using the skyfall cheat, users can use SKYFALL code.

  • Recharge Ability

For recharge ability cheat, use the code POWERUP.

  • Lowering your Wanted Level

Users can use LAWYERUP code for lowering your wanted level cheat.

  • Raising your Wanted Level

For raising your wanted level cheat, users can use FUGITIVE code.

  • Fast Swimming

Users can use GOTGILLS code for faster swimming.

  • Super Speed

Use CATCHME code for super speed cheat.

  • Super Jump

For using the super jump cheat, users can use HOPTOIT.

  • Explosive Melee Attack

Use HOTHANDS code for explosive melee attack cheat.

  • Bang Bang Mode (Explosive Bullets)

For using the explosive bullets cheat, users can use HIGHEX code.

  • Faster Run

Use CATCHME code for faster running cheat.

  • Flaming bullets

Using flaming bullets cheat, use INCENDIARY code.

  • All Weapons

Use TOOLUP code for all weapons cheat.

  • Bullet time

For using bullet time cheap, users have to use DEADEYE code.

Vehicles Cheat Codes

  • Slippery Cars

Using SNOWDAY code for slippery cars cheat.

  • Parachute

Use SKYDIVE code for parachute cheat.

  • Stunt Plane

Using BARNSTORM code for stunt plane cheat.

  • Buzzard Chopper

Users can use BUZZOFF code for buzzard chopper cheat.

  • Crop Duster

For crop duster cheat, users can use FLYSPRAY code.

  • Trashmaster Truck

Use TRASHED code for trashmaster truck cheat.

  • Sanchez

Users can use OFFROAD code for sanchez cheat.

  • Comet Car

For using comet car cheat, users have to use COMET.

  • Rapid GT

Use RAPIDGT code for rapid GT cheat.

  • Limousine

For using the limousine cheat, enter VINEWOOD code.

  • Caddy Car

Users can use HOLEIN1 code for caddy car cheat.

  • BMX Bike

For using BMX bike cheat, users have to enter BANDIT code.

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