Have Your Own GTA 5 Cheats PC Tank

Grab The GTA 5 Cheats PC Tank

Majority of the players prefer to play GTA 5 online. In this way, they can play this game from any part in the world. Players have to pass out certain missions to reach the next levels. The levels get complicated as you proceed further. Therefore, you will need more advanced weapons and vehicles to get through these levels. In this article, we will share the details regarding GTA 5 cheats PC tank. GTA 5 players can get a Rhino Tank, which is a fully efficient military-style tank. Before sharing the GTA 5 cheats PC tank, we suggest you explore our GTA 5 Cheats PS4 Money.

GTA 5 Cheats PC Tank

The Rhino tank is equipped with huge direct-line-of-sight
cannons. Players will be glad to know that a single explosive can destroy any unarmored vehicle. This tank is slow but very durable. Heavy explosive cannons can harm it; therefore it is advisable to avoid confrontation with enemy tanks. So, are you ready to access GTA 5 cheats PC tank? Here you go.

Like other vehicles, it is possible to hijack the Rhino Tank on foot. This hijack may take a few seconds as you have to pull out the driver from top hatch. During this transition, your character will be highly prone to small firearms. The tank patrols around the central road of the base. Simply wait outside the military gate till the tank pass-by. Then chase the tank to hijack it.

Note:-There is no GTA 5 cheats PC tank but you can steal a tank by using the above hack.

Cheat Codes to Help You Get GTA 5 PC Tank

GTA 5 cheat codes can assist you in stealing the Rhino tank. Some of the most useful cheat codes are listed below.

Spawn all weapons cheat: TOOLUP

Run fast cheat: CATCHME

Maximum armor and health cheat: TURTLE

Drunk mode cheat: LIQUOR

Recharging ability cheat: POWERUP

Fast swimming cheat: GOTGILLS

Skyfall cheat: SKYFALL

Super jumping cheat: HOPTOIT

Melee attacks explosive cheat: HOTHANDS

Ammo rounds explosive cheat: HIGHEX

Raising your wanted level cheat: FUGITIVE

Flaming bullets cheat: INCENDIARY

Lowering your wanted level cheat: LAWYERUP

Invincibility cheat: PAINKILLER

Slow motion aiming cheat: DEADEYE

Parachute cheat: SKYDIVE

Director mode cheat: JRTALENT

Change in weather: MAKEITRAIN

Slippery cars cheat: SNOWDAY

Moon gravity cheat: FLOATER

Slow motion cheat: SLOWMO

Spawn buzzard cheat: BUZZOFF

Spawn BMX cheat: BANDIT

Caddy cheat spawn : HOLEIN1

Spawn duster cheat: FLYSPRAY

Spawn comet cheat: COMET

PCJ-600 spawn  (Motorcycle) cheat: ROCKET

Spawn limousine cheat: VINEWOOD

Spawn sanchez (Dirt Bike) cheat: OFFROAD

Rapid GT spawn  cheat: RAPIDGT

Spawn trashmaster cheat: TRASHED

Spawn stunt plane cheat: BARNSTORM

Dodo spawn airplane cheat: EXTINCT

Spawn kraken sub cheat: BUBBLES

Spawn duke o death cheat: DEATHCAR

Final Verdict

So next time you want to get GTA 5 cheats PC tank, then simply follow the above procedure. Have your own military-style tank and give a tough time to your enemies. Besides using the above hack, you can also purchase a Rhino tank at a cost of $1,500,000 in online mode and $3,000,000 in story mode.

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