Use GTA 5 Cheat Tank PS3 To Excel To Next Level

GTA 5 Cheat TankPS3

A Complete Guide For GTA 5 Cheat Tank PS3

It would not be wrong to say that GTA 5 has become a popular game among people of all ages. This game is gaining much more popularity because of its high-definition graphics and gameplay. GTA 5 players prefer using cheat codes for passing tough levels. Players cannot progress to the next level unless and until they defeat their enemies. Weapons and tank can greatly help players to fight with their opponents. Here in this article, we will discuss GTA 5 Cheat Tank PS3. But before moving ahead, we suggest you read our GTA 5 Cheats PS4 Money article. It is important to mention that there is no cheat code for GTA 5 tank PS3. However, players can steal a rhino tank to defeat their enemy. Rhino tank is considered the best vehicle to blow up the stuff in GTA 5 and get 5 stars. Let’s have a look at the steps to steal a rhino tank in GTA PS3.

GTA 5 Tank PS3

Look for Zancudo

First, locate military base on the map, which you can find towards the west of the map. The road heading towards the fort is present on Route 68 and next to river Zancudo. We recommend you to keep sufficient ammo and armor when entering the base. Plus, you should also use a fast car to enter the military base to avoid opponent fire inside the base.

Look for the tank

A fast car will prove to be very useful when looking for a tank inside the military base. Carefully enter the military base and locate the tank without wasting any time. The more time you will spend inside the base, the more will be the possibility of encountering enemy vehicles and fire.

Quickly hijack the tank

Once you have located the tank, drive towards it and hijack it quickly. Don’t waste any time to reach the tank so that your enemy may not get time to react. Drive towards the tank as near as you can and then quickly hijack it. Any delay in hijack will let the tank fire at you. The best way to avoid this fire is to use buildings or other obstacles. These obstacles provide great defense and will not allow the tank shells to shoot through them.

Immediately leave the military base

You may also encounter other enemies while driving around the military base. Therefore, it is advisable to leave the base immediately once the tank is hijacked. We suggest you use the same route which you have used to enter.

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